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Wow! What a gorgeous horse! Meet Tsuniah Sage King's Echo, a 3 year old stallion. "Sunny" belongs to my friend, Bobbie Brebner from British Columbia. He will be standing at stud in Wisconsin for the 2016 and 2017 breeding seasons. His sire is NFF Society King's Opus, son of NFF Wilson's Society King. Opie's dam is Rascal's Favorite Lady, daughter of Red Bud's Rascal.


Sunny's dam was Sage King's Moonbeam. She traces back to Hey Joe, Allen's Gold Ace, Fisher's Joanna, Beauty's Sage King, Sago, and Silvertip Rickey. She is a combination of honest palomino bloodlines that color trace back to the beginning of the registry, as well as some of the good old Western working bloodlines. Sunny has the best of both worlds!!


Sunny is a nice horse to handle, easy going, very well gaited, sensible, and beautiful!! Stud fee for live cover only is $450.00.

Before we get down to the serious business of horse talk, I wanted to mention this book. It was written by my daughter-in-law, Kate Duncan, and is geared toward 8-12 year olds, although I think most kids would enjoy hearing this story.The book is a fun book about the adventures of these two dogs based on some real life happenings that Kate and Dave have experience with them.The book is available on Just type in the title of the book!!

Kate's goal is to get kids reading and enjoying bookings. Her second book is already in the works. If you have kids, you need a good book for them!!

In the horse breeding business we realize that most often our foals arrive in the middle of the night. Sometimes the mares have problems delivering their foals or problems happen after delivery.  I spent a few years getting up all hours of the night, getting dressed, and trudging to the barn only to find nothing new happening. I finally decided to get a barn camera and in the first year of owning it, it paid for itself when a filly was saved. The filly arrived during the night, I just missed the actual birth, but could hear something awful coming from the barn. I then saw the foal toss its head and could see the birth sac was still on her and realized the sound I heard was her trying to breathe. I ran to the barn and got the sac off her head. I am convinced the camera saved her.

When the system I had died this spring, I contacted a friend of mine. Her husband sells security systems and I asked if he could fix me up with a camera that would work in the pole shed. Not all cameras will transmit through a metal building. Pete said he had something he thought would work for me. He brought out a nice camera with a transmitter and receiver and he set it up for me so we could begin spying on the expectant mother. The camera performed beyond my expectations!! It was so nice to be able to turn on the TV and spy on the mare without physically getting up, getting dressed, and then possibly disturbing her by going to the shed.

If you need a barn camera system, give my friend Pete a call! He’ll fix you up with a quality system that will work well  for you!!   Check out Pete's site. It should be up and running tonight (May 4th).

                  Peter Bouzek

                  35846 Ash St.

                  Independence, WI 54747

                  (715) 985-3588

Left, the camera mounted high on the shed wall. My shed is 40'x72' and the camera can capture almost the entire shed. My  round pen is set up in the middle of the shed and I can see anything that is happening in the pen. The nice thing is the camera disconnects from the pedestal it's mounted on and can be brought in the house. It also works in low light situations. I do keep  a shop light on in the shed when I have a mare ready to foal.

Right, the transmitter box

  Left, antenna mounted outside. The cool thing is the antenna can be unscrewed from the cord under the holder so I can bring everything inside the house when it's not being used.

Right, the receiver box inside the house and hooked up to the TV.

We take pride in the fact that our brood stock do not have any recently padded and/or sored World Grand Champions in their pedigrees.


We take no pride in horses who have won show placings achieved by abuse. We will provide a written guarantee to anyone requesting it, that our horses have no artificial gait enhancement, whether mechanical or chemical. We believe in natural excellence, not gimmicks!

The "Industry" party line says soring ended years ago. This isn't the case. If you want to know more about soring, there are several sites listed on my links page that may shed some light on the subject for you. If what you see on these sites repulses you, I encourage you to contact your Senators and Representatives and ask for more funding for the USDA so they can enforce the Horse Protection Act.

I hope you enjoy our website and visit often as we update the photo pages with the new arrivals to our "nursery". Thank you for stopping by.

Here are three of my grandkids together at Christmas in 2007. Left is Ciera, middle is Anthony, and right is Seth. Anthony lives in Mississippi so we don't get to see him often.  Below is the newest arrival, Noah . He was born July 31, 2012 The photo below is when he was two years old and his first time sitting on a horse. Ginger was very accommodating to a youngster.